Four Reasons to Shop from Homegrown Designer Labels - Marriage Mantra

Supporting homegrown labels or going vocal for local is not a social media façade or a trending hashtag anymore. It is something that has become a consumer’s buying theory. Why? The pandemic has changed a lot of things for everyone. If you are yet to join the shop local bandwagon, here are 4 reasons to hop on it right away!

  • Pocket-loving & Better Quality:

Whether it is a designer lehenga, an automotive service, a skincare product, or a household item, anything that is produced locally is cheaper when compared to its imported counterparts. The math here is simple – no excise or customs duties plus no burden of exchange rate fluctuation. And the best part, every purchase you make is not only cost-effective but also sustainable and high on quality!

  • Better climate-culture understanding:

Big names with even bigger branding lend a very feel-good vibe to the wearer. But do they necessarily understand your comfort? Maybe. Maybe not. But when it comes to homegrown designers, comfort is a given. This is because they eat, breathe and sleep in the same environment as you do.

For instance, you are a Mumbaikar who wants to buy activewear. If you choose an international brand, remember that its designers will never understand the undeniably humid and hot the weather in Mumbai. No matter how exquisite the label is or how the usage of recycled polyester really appeals to you, mark our words – it is going to stick to your skin and definitely prove to be an irritant.

But choose a homegrown brand that understands the geographical dynamics and you will find yourself wearing smothering, soft and moisture-wicking bamboo/modal apparel. Double the comfort, at half the price, and perfectly purpose fulfilling!

Handicraft Gadebe
  • Preserving heritage:

Some homegrown brands are committed to preserving our culture and work towards empowering local art & artists. Most of these artists practice inherited art that not only deserves all the love but protection at all costs. Because this art is irreplaceable and has been passed on for generations and is a true embodiment of our roots.

Take Kalamkari printing technique for instance – a folklore art form that is 3000 years old! Choosing machine-made mass-produced printed apparel over this striking art only means robbing the artisans off their livelihood. With every single purchase, you are not only getting yourself a one-of-its-kind piece but a bit of your heritage in its truest form!

Economic Development
  • Promote economic development:

Top gun fashion houses throughout the world source their textile and other raw materials from India. This accounts for export income for our country. But as consumers, if we end up spending our income over labels that are not homegrown, we aren’t helping our economy get that boost.

By making a switch as simple as shopping from brands that source, produce and market locally, we can help the outflow stay from where it originates. By doing so, we can reduce the financial impact of other inevitably imported goods like petroleum, do our bit towards pumping the economy and take a small step towards partial self-sufficiency.

Have you shopped from a homegrown brand before? If yes, which one? If no, what’s stopping you?