Take a Step Closer to Holistic Health with These Easy Everyday Practices

When the term ‘Holistic’ is mentioned, a philosophical or an unrealistic first thought crosses most people’s minds. But in its truest and most simplified sense, it means leading a lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Though doing so is a task easier said than done, here are a few key moves that will help you attain your holistic health goals:

    Learn to say NO
    • Learn to say NO: 

    How many times have you said YES to things or events that were inconvenient for you? Lending money even when you were broke, buying something because the salesperson was too pushy, or agreeing to meet a friend even though you wanted to stay home alone and chill? If the answer is many times, it is time for a change.

    Your attention, energy, and time are precious, and you deserve it as much as someone else does! We know saying YES feels more comfortable than turning the other person down. But understand that if you keep doing things you don’t want to, you will be forever stuck in the pleasing zone and will end up feeling resentful towards everyone.

    Setting boundaries is an essential ingredient for protecting your mental space. By learning to decline politely, you learn to honor & empower your authentic self.

    Art of Organizing
    • The Art of Organizing:

    Whether or not you have a penchant for putting everything in order like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, remember that some level of organizing is imperative for holistic health. Why? Because your surroundings dictate your thoughts, energy, and mindset. If you don’t believe that neatness drives your day, try working in a messy room on a cluttered desk laden with stains. We are certain on that day you won’t tick off anything from your to-do list.

    Many studies show that organizing helps you find calm in the chaos. It can be extremely liberating especially for people struggling with anxiety or looking for a quick distraction from current distress. To leverage its power for your own good, have a basic systematic routine in place and tidy up, onwards, and upwards!

    Trust us when we say, this habit will cast a life-changing spell on your body & overall well-being.

    Pause, Reflect, Revise, Repeat:
    • Pause, Reflect, Revise, Repeat:

    Holistic health is not a destination. It is a journey in which you will never remain the same individual with the same thought cycle throughout. And the only way to move ahead is with consistent self-reflection & acceptance. How can you do this? By sitting down with yourself, tuning into the ‘new you’ feelings, assessing them objectively, and making amends in order to discover and honor your highest self.

    For instance, for the longest time, you resorted to plastic toothbrushes because its cheap and easily available. But now the new you inclines towards sustainability. If you continue the old practice, eventually your subconscious will diss you. But if you shift to a bamboo toothbrush, you find your feet…all over again!

    Now replace this plastic toothbrush with…a job, relationship, or any element that doesn’t align with you and find a pathway to swap it for better. Your greatest relationship is the one that you have with yourself. So, why not take care of YOU?

    Start today, take the first step and pledge these practices and see the change you feel.