Right Questions to Ask Before You Exhibit at a Bridal Exhibition - Marriage Mantra
Decided to boost your business by exhibiting at a bridal exhibition? It will certainly be a decision you won’t regret, provided you participate in the right ones..

Contrary to what one might think, exhibiting anywhere and everywhere is not a wise choice. Quality is definitely more important than quantity when it comes to taking your business to bridal exhibitions. But how does one decide which ones are worth your time, money, and effort?

Bridal Exhibition
Pro tips To Choose The Right Expo

With careful planning, you can make the most of a bridal exhibition and rake in good business. Read on to know how to separate the best bridal exhibitions from the rest:

1. Have clear objectives:

Before participating in any bridal exhibition, define your business objectives. What are your goals and targets – pure brand awareness, post-sale build up, new product launch or stock clearance? What kind of clientele do you wish to attract – elite, mass audience or niche? These considerations will help you select the type of exhibition your brand will most benefit from.

2. Be mindful of the budget:

Bridal exhibitions can be a costly affair, especially if you are a start-up. It is therefore recommended that you create a yearly budget for participating in exhibitions. Based on the budgeting, select the ones whose stall cost falls within your set financial limit.

3. Research the reputation of the exhibition:

Assess the popularity of the exhibition organiser through their performances of the previous years. Find out the number of attendees(commonly known as footfall) as well as the experience of other vendors to understand if the exhibition is right for your business.

4. Do not hesitate to ask questions:

Ask the organiser for details involving the bridal exhibition. Get a clear understanding of how they intend to promote the event, the accessibility of the location, booth layouts, amenities etc. before you say yes!

5. Enquire about the fun activities & social media campaign:

Bridal exhibitions that comprise activities tend to make people stay longer and can offer an opportunity to sponsor gifts/freebies that draw people to your booth. You can even plan your promotions in advance on social media alongside the exhibition’s promotions to create your brand awareness beforehand

Consider a mix of big and boutique events:

While big events are definitely the crowd-pullers, they can also get quite expensive.. Boutique events on the other hand focus on a smaller yet more niche crowd. Exhibit in both types of bridal exhibitions before you can determine the type that best suits your business strategy.

Don’t Miss Out On Bridal Exhibitions

With couples being short on time and looking to find wedding planning solutions under one roof, bridal exhibitions are increasingly becoming popular. By participating in the right bridal exhibition, you can expect a considerable increase in your ROI. It can generate high-quality leads that will prove valuable to the company.

Marriage Mantra has been organising bridal exhibitions since 2007 with a high success rate. Our carefully chosen venues and meticulous planning have been a huge hit both with our exhibitors and visitors. Small exhibitors who began their journey with us are now established names in the industry and continue to exhibit with us. Go ahead and select which of our exhibitions from ‘Parineeti’ or ‘Pink Almari’, may bolster your business to newer heights.