The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Shopping - Marriage Mantra

Weddings are a time for endless shopping. The outfits for various events along with the trousseau shopping are enough to drive any bride crazy! And in this flurry of shopping, we often end up making mistakes of overlooking important considerations. But worry not! Here is a checklist to keep with you when shopping for bridal wear at any bridal & trousseau shopping exhibition or a boutique. It’s a short and crisp guide that will ensure you take into account every little factor while making one of the most important decisions for your D Day.

1. Choose a Weekday

Whether shopping in a market or at a wedding shopping exhibition, selecting a weekday will give you breathing space. Most markets are crowded on weekends and retailers might be unable to give you the attention you deserve.

2. Take an Entourage

Don’t be shy about taking some company for your wedding shopping! Go with someone whose opinion you trust so that you can take their genuine feedback on the outfits.Trust us, the variety can be mind-boggling at an exhibition for wedding shopping and it helps to have someone who can help you stay sane!

3. Keep an Open Mind

Very often we are stuck on a design or fit we saw on our favourite star or on Pinterest. But everybodr is different, and what works for one person may not for another! So, go with an open mind and try on a bunch of silhouettes in different colours and fits to discern which one suits you the best.

4. Keep Time for Accessories

Be it weddings or conventional ethnic purchases, a large chunk of time is spent on buying dresses while the jewellery is ignored. Mark some time for shopping for accessories as well as they greatly help in enhancing an outfit.

5. Be clear

Once you have an idea of what looks good on you, nudge the salesperson in that direction. There is no point in trying out or seeing dresses that do not match what you are looking for. Save yourself some time and be firm in your request to the person assisting you with the outfits.

6. Avoid Too Many Alterations

This tip is particularly for picking outfits at a Bridal & Trousseau Shopping Exhibition. If you feel like you have to make many alterations to a dress, for example,change the neckline or reduce the bling then the dress is probably not right for you. Many a times, it is difficult to imagine what the end product would look like after making changes. It is best to stick to exactly what you see on the shelf.

7. Take Your Time

As soon as you have a wedding date, begin your search for the perfect outfit. It is a time-consuming process that will certainly overwhelm you if you do not start early. Start with browsing your dream bridal dress inspirations online and then proceed to visiting stores or wedding shopping exhibitions.

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Make Your Wedding Shopping Easy

The best way to take the stress off your wedding shopping is to visit a Bridal & Trousseau Shopping Exhibition. They are a fun way to shop all wedding essentials by a plethora of designers under one roof. There is ample choice available to fit every budget and you get to sample the latest designs in bridal wear too.
Happy wedding shopping to you!