Tips for Twinning on Your Big Day - Marriage Mantra

Twinning is one of the hottest wedding trends that will always stay around as a central theme for any wedding shopping. It’s a sartorial form of PDA and even the shy ones are totally loving it. After all, matching clothes just takes a bit of an effort but sends out a powerful message of togetherness! But, as a bride and groom, deciding your own outfit for the most important day of your life, is a mammoth of a task, leave alone trying to coordinate the outfits. If that’s the thought on your mind too, then we are here to help you overcome this challenge with ease. Follow these easy-peasy tips to match your outfits in the best way and make your wedding an affair to remember:

1. Matching Colours:

Perhaps the simplest way to go about twinning is to choose the same colour attire at any wedding shopping exhibitions. This leaves ample space for creativity for your designer too. Sit with your partner and decide on a colour that works for both of you and then choose your own prints and patterns. It’s a win-win!

P.S. It is best if the colour is unique and not the usual wedding maroons and reds for the coordination effort to be visible. Think pastels and ivory.

Bhavdeep Kaur
Bhavdeep Kaur

2. Matching Prints:

While this is a tricky one, the end result is usually fabulous! If you and your partner can decide on a print during your wedding shopping then creating wedding outfits using the print in different ways will work wonderfully. For example, the bride’s lehenga and the groom’s sherwani can be made in the same print while the blouse and shirt can be different to avoid an overdose of the same design.

3. Matching Embroidery:

For those who would like to keep it subtle, the idea of matching embroidery on both outfits works like a dream. The colours, prints, and designs can all be distinct while tying the look together with similar embroidery. The extent of the embroidery can also be decided i.e., whether you want an elaborate matching fiesta or to keep just one element similar. For example, the bride’s dupatta can match the groom’s sherwani or turban.

Bhavdeep Kaur
Bhavdeep Kaur

4. Matching Accessories:

Coordinating the accessories for your wedding can be a cool idea too. It shows extreme attention to detail and will help you twin without going overboard. You can do it on its own or along with the outfits depending on your preference. Matching the buttons of the groom’s outfit with the bride’s earrings, the pendant of the bride with the groom’s kalgi/sehra etc., are some ideas to get you started.

5. Matching Elements:

Another idea for those who want to keep the matching minimal is to pick up one element from the outfits and coordinate that. Like the groom’s stole can be inspired by the bride’s lehenga. Or the groom’s jacket can be the same design as the bride’s blouse. Even a pocket square that matches the bride’s lehenga is a good touch!

Bhavdeep Kaur

See, it isn’t so difficult to twin with your partner on the big day! Hope these ideas have provided enough fodder for your imagination and made shopping for coordinated outfits at bridal & trousseau shopping exhibitions a bit easier!