10 Important Things To Ask Your Partner Before Tying The Knot - Marriage Mantra
Marriage is a bond of a lifetime and this fact necessitates being sure of the person you’re marrying. How to know if she is the one is a question that goes through every prospective groom’s mind and likewise for the bride-to-be. While there is no way of predicting the future of a marriage, there certainly are some ways of how to know if he is the one. If you’re keen on what to know before marrying to make your nuptials a success, browse through these precious pointers.

The Marriage Checklist

1. Your partner’s relations with their family. Even if you are staying away from family, they will always be an important element in your marriage. Find out how strong or conflicted their relationship with their family is to know what you’re stepping into.

Relation with Family

2. Financial disclosure and transparency are key. Being clear about your finances is crucial before you marry. It’s important to discuss your financial goals and see that you are on the same page. This helps to build trust and establish a stronger relationship.

Discuss your Financial Goals

3. To know your partner’s expectations from the marriage is the stepping stone to a successful marriage. Despite marriage being something that’s almost mandatory in every society, people may have different takes on what it entails. Understand your prospective husband/wife’s expectations from the relationship to find out if you both have a similar understanding.

Partner’s Expectations

4. Savings v/s spending. It is good to be on the same page when it comes to financial management. Figure out if you and your partner have a similar take on the saving-spending ratio. This can be a touchy topic and could lead to conflicts later. How to check whether his tendency is to save or spend? Tag them along for a Jewellery Exhibition In Dubai and observe!

Savings v/s Spending

5. Splitting the chores is not a westernized concept anymore. Given that both husband and wife are working nowadays, it is best to clarify if your partner is supportive on the home management front if that is what you expect. You don’t have to discuss who will do the dishes or which one will cook. All that is needed is to understand the person’s attitude towards this aspect.

Splitting the Chores

6. Me time matters. Hobbies, passions and time for self-reflection keeps the relation alive. While each person may have different likings which can be pursued individually, there are some areas which call for a joint interest. It’s best to know these little things rather than feeling trapped later. For instance, if she likes to shop and he likes to have a night with the boys, neither of you should compromise. Instead, drop her to a Jewellery Exhibition In Dubai and then head to meet your bros. On the other hand, travel is an activity that one would like to indulge in with their partner. Long story short – Balance life with self and with your partner!

Me Time in Marriage

7. Discuss sex! Sex is often a taboo topic in Indian society but it can make or break a marriage. Conveying your dreams and fantasies to your partner makes it easier to have a smooth and happy marriage later.

Discuss Sex

8. Managing your career and balancing your married life is something you will have to do for life. Despite a sizeable number of women holding a career, this question often applies to them. If you wish to be a working woman after marriage, then make sure your partner is aware of and supports your career and ambitions.

Managing Career & Married Life

9. When it comes to kids, it is imperative to have similar thoughts. Talk with your partner to know if they want kids or not. If having kids is a mutual decision, then the next question is to determine the timing as well as sharing the parenting workload.

Child with Parents

10. The non-negotiables- Compromise is key in every relationship but there are some things that one cherishes and does not wish to let go. This could be something as simple as a once-a-year holiday with friends or meeting your cousins every Christmas. Rather than surprising your partner later, share these little pieces of information with them in advance.

Parents Holding Kid

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