Diwali Makeup Looks: Glamorous Inspirations for this Festive Season - Marriage Mantra

We know that the best way to find the prettiest festive outfit would be from any Diwali Exhibition in Dubai. What is truly gruesome is curating a look that screams elegance. And this is where makeup can help! Take inspiration from these uber-chic Diwali makeup ideas and set goals for the season:

  • Color color!:

As this season stands for lights and colours, match the vibrancy of your outfits with equally colorful makeup. If going heavy on eyeshadows is not your vibe, you can even choose to go for a colored liner.

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Pro tip: Spray micellar water on a brush, and swatch it across your favorite eyeshadow color for DIY eyeliner!

Color color!
Go glittery
  • Go glittery:

Is it even Diwali if it’s not blingy? Amplify this festive season with super glitzy eye makeup. Choose a pigment that complements your Diwali OOTD or stick to basics with silver / gold pigment. For a trendier look, you could do a reverse cat eye and enhance it with some sparkle. Remember, there is nothing called too much glitter!

Pro tip: When applying loose glitter pigment, always use eyeshadow glue.

  • Embellishment is the new classic:

If you are someone who likes everything over the top, you should definitely try makeup looks with stick-on ornamentation. Think pearls around the eyes or star-shaped trimmings on the cheekbones. Not sure where to get ophthalmologist-approved makeup adornments and tools? Try any Diwali Exhibition in Dubai.

Pro tip: If you don’t have glue specifically for this purpose, use eyelash glue.

Embellishment is the new classic
Blush it up
  • Blush it up:

One of the easiest ways to get that festive glow is to go heavy on the blush. It instantly adds a flush of color to your cheeks and when applied right (using the L technique), it can double up as a contour too! Select a slightly shimmery blush for a subtle yet statement look.

Pro tip: Ensure you blend the blush in an upwards direction for a chiseled appearance.

  • Soft glam to the rescue:

Classics never go out of style and soft glam looks are proof! A voguish take on the no-makeup up, soft glams are here to stay. They are pretty effortless to create and hence are perfect for makeup beginners. Who better than Kareena Kapoor to carry this look. Try a matte brown smokey look with nude lipstick and minimal blush to look like a supermodel straight outta ramp!

Pro tip: Select your eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks from the same color palette to nail the OG soft glam makeup.

Soft glam to the rescue
Barbie Eyelashes
  • Barbie Eyelashes:

Eyelashes make everything look thrice as nice. Even if you don’t want to create a full-fledged makeup look, just put on some voluminous eyelashes and you are done for the day! We recommend trying the various eyelash styles available at any Diwali Exhibition in Dubai to pick the one that suits your eye shape.

Pro tip: Let the eyelash glue dry for at least 20 seconds before putting it on the eye for a mess-free application.