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If Diwali gifts for you mean Soan Papdi boxes, it is definitely time for a change. This special festive season gift symbolizes love and hence must be chosen tastefully as per the taste of the receiver. This year, instead of passing around calorie-heavy gift boxes, dare to be different. Allow us to help you pick the best Diwali gifts as per ‘people types’:

>> The Decor Diva

If your loved one’s home is an exhibit of all things pretty, you know they are a décor enthusiast. Given that they are always on the lookout for stunning pieces, accent items make a perfect Diwali gift for them. Think wall plates, lamps, rustic showpieces, etc.

Not updated with the latest trends in home decor? Don’t stress! Simply sign up for Pink Almari, Parineeti, or any other Diwali Exhibition in India to find ‘the one’ for them.

Bhavdeep Kaur
Beach Wedding

>> The Social Butterfly

Is this person always the host? Or is always chilling at the best spots with the most random friends? There, your loved one is a social butterfly! Ideal Diwali gifts for such people are anything that makes socializing fun – like a charcuterie platter, Bluetooth speakers or even a fancy Polaroid camera.

>> The Green Parent

Everyone knows about dog parents, cat parents and of course the good old human parents. Now, there is a category called – plant parents! A fancier name for gardeners, plant parents take pride in their green babies. And the best Diwali gift for them would be something that makes their gardening job easier or their green even greener.

Like gardening accessories, beautiful planters, an assorted basket of graded soil, manure, or even a whole new plant! A gift like this would make them feel that you truly care about them and their interests.

Mahima Mahajan
Archana Kochhar

>> The Fashionista

You are lucky if the receiver of your Diwali gift falls in this category. Why? Because you could walk an extra mile to find the items they would like at a popular Diwali Exhibition in India. Or you could simply take the highway and get a get them a gift voucher from their favorite brand. The choice is yours.

The latter gesture is certainly considered less personal but is definitely more practical. And if you are unsure of their taste, you can always select classic pieces.

>> The Culturally Cultural

There are Diwali gifts. And then there are Diwali gifts that always keep on giving. Precious metals like gold and silver fall into that category. As their prices are always appreciating, they make a good investment and a great gift for people with conventional choices.

Not to mention, gifting metals like these is considered to be extremely auspicious on Diwali. As the prices of the metals are no joke, understandably, these gifts are for close friends and family only.

Jiya by Veer Design Studio

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