Winter Wedding Trends: What’s Hot & Not This Season

There is something about winter weddings that nobody can get enough of! Be it because of the romance in the air or just naturally cuddly weather, winter weddings are the best weddings for sure! If you are about to tie the knot at this most wonderful time of the year, here are some winter wedding trends to help you plan your dream wedding, effortlessly:

  • Keep it minimal

Gone are the days when blingy outfits, jazzy props and loud backdrops ruled the wedding day. Now is the time for minimalism and well-thought-out aesthetics! Think of a soft-toned wedding dress, clean décor elements, locally sourced floral arrangement and an intentional interplay of flowers for that extra quirk. Let ‘YOU’ be the focal point on your big day and rest just complimenting! After all, beauty lies in simplicity, doesn’t it?

Keep it minimal
All things velvet
  • All things velvet

You know why most women want to get married in winter? Two reasons – make-up doesn’t melt and they get to wear velvet! Velvet has been and will be the heart of every winter wedding, especially in an outdoor setup. Not only does this fabric scream luxury but also photographs really well; all thanks to its natural-but-not-too-much sheen. If you are wedding shopping in Mumbai, Mangaldas Market is an excellent place to get a variety of velvet fabrics at steal deals.

  • Bring in the vintage

Winters are known to bring feelings of nostalgia. This is why all things vintage make a great theme for winter weddings. And when we say vintage, we don’t only mean rustic venue decorations, we also mean – a modern classic bride and groom outfit, monochromatic color theme, BnW photos, Lady Gaga-inspired hairstyle, old-school welcome boards, etc. Lastly, do not limit yourself to the conventional definition of vintage. Go for wedding shopping in Mumbai, pick anything that matches your sense of vintage and create your new definition.

Bring in the vintage
Wedding Veil
  • Wedding Veil

Who said wedding veils are for Christian weddings only? Break the stereotype, don a veil with your lehenga choli and dupatta! Certainly, it looks classy. Moreover, it adds a layer of style and warmth to your overall look. Not to mention, it ensures all eyes are on you! Given its statement appeal and unmatched grace, we must say we are OBSESSED with veils for the upcoming winter wedding season. Unsure where to find one? Try wedding shopping in Mumbai, particularly in areas like Bhuleshwar, Kalaghoda and Bandra as well as Marriage Mantra exhibitions to find exquisite pieces in every budget.

Bonus tip: As the sun sets early in the winter, we suggest going heavy yet subtle on the lighting. Something like Edison bulbs, fairy or rice lights and stellar chandeliers in warm white or mellow yellow shade. The lighting adds a touch of coziness and needless to say promises the best photographs ever!

We hope this guide to the latest winter wedding trends has inspired you to turn your dreams into reality. Remember, it is YOUR big moment, trends will come and go but the memories of your special day will be with you forever! So, plan what you’ll love and not ONLY what the trends say!