Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Last-Minute Wedding Shopping

They say if you want to stay stress-free for your wedding preps, be a groom! A statement good as a joke and true in many cases, let’s be real – wedding preps as exciting as they are is a nightmare. Add to that last-minute shopping and we have the perfect recipe for a whirlwind of emotions, fights and breakdowns.

Certainly, you can’t snooze on the date like your other Google meets…So, here are a few realistic tips to keep your sanity during those final shopping sprees:

  • Blessing in disguise:

You are going to get married only once. So, remember that you are also going to prep for it only once! Instead of drowning in stress, look at this as an opportunity to spend quality time with your partner and your family. Frustrated with the price tags of designer bridal lehengas? Go explore some upcoming exhibitions in India and grab a nice dinner afterwards! Feeling anxious about venues, decor, food menu, etc.? Go back to your old dating spot and let nostalgia set the mood for discussions! Remember that stress can either be a catalyst or a curse for your connection, choice is yours.

Keep it minimal
All things velvet
  • Don’t forget self-care:

Be it a few days before the wedding or life in general, self-care should always be at the top of your priority list. Sure, marriage is a big milestone in everyone’s life. But without good mental and physical health, no milestone will ever feel big or worthy enough. Amidst all the running around, try to make enough time for your meditation, workouts or anything that sparks joy – Like grabbing a coffee from your favorite café or re-watching a show that you really enjoy

  • Delegate wisely:

The biggest mistake that couples make during wedding planning is believing they can handle everything by themselves! If you have ample time to experiment, go ahead and enjoy the planning process. With a few days left, we suggest delegating not-so-important tasks to your friends and family. For instance, let them research the reviews and quotes for vendors. This way you can save time for tasks that demand your presence like outfit trials. And if you have the budget, we definitely recommend hiring an event planner or just visit an upcoming exhibition in India and find everything under one roof and save your precious time

Bring in the vintage
Wedding Veil
  • Stick to healthy eating habits:

With tension soaring through the roof, it is only normal to stress eat! Though it might feel counterintuitive to NOT eat, trust us when we say don’t do it, you will definitely regret it later! Feel like treating yourself to a bucketful of ice cream? Get a scoop instead. Tempted to grab those large cheesy fries while shopping? Get a protein bar instead! And if you are wondering how all this helps, here’s the science – healthy eating = balanced cortisol levels = better ability to cope with stress.

Wedding shopping doesn’t have to be a stress-fueled sprint. It can be anything you want it to be! So, take a deep breath, embrace the chaos, visit the next upcoming exhibition in India and let the beauty of love guide you through that memorable shopping journey! Here’s to a stress-free happily ever after!